Instead of visiting the museum, why not let it visit you?

The world’s first mobile museum moves not only through space – from city to city and from one area to another – but also in time.

The Moscow Design Museum’s mobile and multimedia exhibitions, “History of Russian Design,” begin with the Avant-Garde movement of the 1920s and move to design in the Soviet Union and post-Soviet Russia

-- ‘Russian Avant-Garde Designers’
-- ‘Soviet Design’
-- ‘Design and Sport’

Destinations for the exhibitions include Moscow, Kaluga, Tula, Kolomna, Vladimir and Ryazan.

Modernity and high-tech are also major features of the multimedia exhibitions: Not only have we adapted them to travel in a specially refitted bus, but also for presentation to large crowds of viewers in city centers.

We plan to schedule the exhibitions around important dates and citywide holidays, allowing as many people as possible to visit us.

Art and design objects from collections on display in Moscow and surrounding areas helped to create each of the mobile exhibitions in order to attract the public’s interest in Russian museums as well as to create curiosity over areas outside of Moscow.

Presentation lectures will accompany all three of the exhibitions for those wishing to learn more about them.

Our project is non-commercial and educational, aiming to restore and strengthen Russia’s cultural scene and display artistic design heritage in a contemporary cultural context.

Project supported by a grant from the Russian Federal Government issued according to Presidential mandate №115-rp from 29.03.2013.

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